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Vodacom Microsim

With the advent of the iPad 3G and Apple iPhone 4, I have had a number of people contact me to ask me about the micro sim which is needed to work with these devices.
The micro sim is about 52% smaller than your normal simcard, and is starting to be used as the industry standard worldwide for new devices.

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Because neither of the above 2 devices are currently available in South Africa, there hasn’t been much of a demand for them yet, apart from the early adopters.Vodacom have however shipped in a couple thousand micro sims which are available from most Vodacom outlets. The cost of the micro sim is round about R100 bucks, and there may be a sim swap charge of R62 if you go with that option. You can also use the sim as a Twin Call sim, which means you can have 2 sims on 1 contract.

Remember the Micro Sim will only work in deices that support it.Trying to use it in devices that don’t will damage the sim and the device. Also cutting a normal sim to the size of a micro sim, can be both costly and completely ruin your simcard

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The day i received my iPhone 4 i was at Vodacom to get a microsim and they told me it is not available yet. So i had to cut mine. It worked out fine for me.

I was at Vodaworld yesterday, they said they had them already and you can easily do a sim swop. I was not there for that – but that is what they told me.

Marius can you post a pic or e-mail me a pic of your Micro sim, I have to cut mine too.


Hi guys, i just got my iPad 3g on thursday and went to the local vodacom customer care store in Canal Walk (CT). Basically u need to have an existing sim number to have a sim swap done to your micro sim, coz apparently the micro sims dont have its own number (yet, i guess). So i bought a sim, registered it, did a sim swap and boom, bob’s your uncle! it works beautifully :-)

Well good for you but basically I think and you all know that the South African cellphone companies are just useless. Phoned around and visited a few stores in Gauteng, Vodacom and MTN. They don’t even now what a micro sim is. So I’ve already cut 3 sims and they all work perfectly in my iPhone 4. And for those concerned about the problem with the way of one holds the iPhone 4 mine works perfectly on MTN, no problems at all, no matter how it’s held.

@faaiez, i completely agree with you, SA got alota catching up to with the rest of the world. As for the iPhone 4, i just gt bak from germany and was playing with the iphone 4 there, and i cudnt pikup any signal related problems, so i dunno wat everbody is on about. How do u find it in comparison to the 3gs?

There is definitly better reception when it comes to voice calls on the iPhone 4. In places where I could hardly use my 3GS for making calls I now have no problem at all. The quality of voice calls is also much better. You can hear the person on the other side clearly. The screen on the phone is excellent, no comparison out there. The phone is snappier than the 3GS but not by much. Haven’t had an opportunity to use facetime but can;t wait to try it. If there is anything specific you would like to know. Ask and I will try to answer.

Anyone know whether MTN are also going to be stocking Micro Sim’s (or stock them already at that?)

hi, im returning to S.A from the UK in a days and have been researching the availability of micro sims for my ipad and i phone 4, seems to be alot of hassle and confusion of its availability back home, can any one tell me if it is available and hows the cost on data downloads work, thanks

Hi Sharief. Im not sure bout all the networks in SA having the microsim available, but I am sure that Vodacom has it. I obtained mine at the Vodacom Customer Care Centre in Canal Walk (Cape Town). The process was simple actually. Bought a sim card, had it registered, then bought a micro-sim card and did a sim swap and in a few hours i was up and running. Data costs vary depending on which bundle you purchase. I purchase my bundles through after registering with them. Hope it all works out for you, Enjoy!!

I found a micro-sim cutter tool for my iPad and a few of my colleagues at the office from eXpansys, delivery time was within a few days and the device works well.

I did a micro sim swap at 4pm at a Vodacom outlet and I’m still waiting for connection……………..shew. How long does it really take and do I insert the sim card and wait?

Cost price for a micro sim is R20.00 people selling the sim for R100 or higher are ripping you off.

I find this is what it costs at most outlets, which means most of them are ripping you off.
You can purchase a micro sim for R35.00 at this online shop – I have not used that store so cannot guarantee those sims will work.

I paid R20.00 for my micro sim ;-)

@Simon where did you get it for so cheap? the next phone i want (the new Motorola Razr) uses a microSIM and i have no idea if Vodacom will be able to proviode me with one, as i am in a small town… maybe i should try the site u gave. hope it works ;)

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