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Earlier today I wrote about the News24 iPad app being the first iPad app in South Africa, until I was alerted earlier today  to the fact that it indeed wasn’t the first. The free Mix Mobile for iPad app (iTunes Link) from the guys and girls at Mix Telematics, was actually the first SA iPad app, which was published on the 30th June.

You may recall a couple of months ago, I received a XDrive unit from the chaps at Mix. The XDrive unit is a device you install in your car, which then allows you to track it on the either the web site, an iPhone app, and now, and iPad app. The app is very cool, and is perfect for the iPad. The large screen now lets you get a much “wider” view of what is happening with your vehicle. You can view movement history of the car, which will show you stats such as distance traveled, top speed and time etc.

Here are some of the features of the Mix Mobile for iPad app:
• Track your vehicles in real-time on a map
• Quick view of all your vehicles and their status
• Latest speed and event information
• Choice of maps include street, satellite and hybrid
• SMS tracking (including multiple positions)
• System test from MiX Mobile
• Lock onto a vehicle in Follow Mode
• Trip reports
• Plot a route on a map
• See start and end points of trips
• Your position relative to your vehicle
• Longitude and Latitude positions as well as street locations

I have had my XDrive unit for  almost 8 months now, and the credits I got from the team when they sent it to me, are STILL available (413 left). Granted, I don’t do thousands of KM a week, but it sure has lasted long. What I do like is the ability to pull reports from the website, and I really hope to be able to see this type of functionality in both the iPad & iPhone app. It would also be great if one could see your balance & purchase more credits directly through the app.

The one thing thing I have to commend the guys (well actually mostly girls that I follow on Twitter) is the superb support & passion for their products. I had an issue a while back, and mailed @Cath_Lewis, who responded almost immediately and sorted my issue out. Even the CEO of the company is on Twitter and interacts with their users. Another #brandplus to them :)

As my time draws to a close with the XDrive, I am most definitely going to be topping up the credit, now that the iPad version is out. I am looking forward to using it more and more in the coming months.

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Thanks Marc for the article and your praise of our products. We are very proud of our iPad app and you will be pleased to know we will soon be releasing an updated version of our iPhone app, thanks to the ongoing efforts of @gikas!

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