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My Gadgets & Gizmos article in “The Ballito” magazine

A couple of months ago, I met Justin Scott who is the editor of a local magazine in Ballito, aptly called, “The Ballito“. The magazine is a published every two months and covers life on the beautiful North Coast of KZN. The magazine also forms part of a  stable of magazines including “The Centurion” as well as various residential estates around South Africa.

Justin asked me to contribute to the magazine by writing a “Gadgets & Gizmos” column. Being the gadget freak I am, I jumped at the opportunity, and and I am stoked to say, that my first column was published in the months magazine. The spread is a 2 page article where I look at 3 different gadgets and one of my favorite sites on the net,

Of the 3 gadgets, The iPad, the MiFi & ShoX speakers, I covered in the article, I only owned 1 at the time of writing the article(the speakers), and through fate, and being very blessed, I am now the proud owner of all 3. I need to start planning ahead on my next article. If my run of luck continues, I will skip the gadgets and go straight for the Ferrari :) (Jus kiddin)

If you would like to see the article, feel free to download a PDF copy from here ->

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