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Win a prize valued at $10,000 with FNB & PayPal X

The guys from FNB & PayPal X have put up a prize valued at about $10,000 for a South African developer who create innovative an application using PayPal’s payment platform. This is any type of app, not iPhone, but can also be web etc.

The competition forms part of the PayPal X Innovate Conference which is in taking place in October in San Fransisco. The winner of the local leg of the competition will get to travel to the conference courtesy of FNB & PayPal X, and all expenses will be covered. The conference will feature presentations from industry experts, new product announcements and sessions that will give developers the tools and support they need to create the future of payments.

PayPal X is the PayPal developer network which has loads and loads of resources and forums for creating your own PayPal application. I was looking around on the site earlier, and there are some really cool things to play around with. Being the non developer that I am, even I understood it :) I also came across a very very cool iPhone Library, which allows you integrate PayPal into your iPhone app, and allows you to accept mobile payments.

How to enter
To submit for the FNB and PayPal X Award, log on to and click to register for the PayPal X Developer Challenge. Select the box for the FNB and PayPal X Award. Developers who register by 4 August, 2010 at 11:59 p.m. PDT will be entered to win one of 10 iPads. The use of some of PayPal’s products requires approval by 1 September, 2010; please check for detailed contest timelines and deadlines. The winner of the FNB/PayPal X Award will be notified on 29 September, 2010.

Good Luck :)