SA Lotto iPhone app reaches number 2 in the SA iTunes Store

After just 16 days of our SA Lotto iPhone app going live, we are pleased to announce that we hit number the number 2 position on the South African iTunes store.

The response to the app has been phenomenal and really exceeded all our expectations. In fact, almost every single comment or feedback we received about the app, has been positive. To give you some idea of how many downloads we have had, we have had close on 1,000 downloads of the app already, with about 80% of these coming from the SA iTunes store. What it also means though, and proves my previous point, is that the iPhone market in South Africa is still pretty uneducated about downloading and using iPhone apps.

Thanks to everyone who has downloaded the app and the positive feedback. We working busy working on ver 2.0, which will be filled with loads of new and exciting features. Also, once again, I just want to say a big big thanks to Juliaan who put so much time into this app, without him, none of this would have been possible :)