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Flipboard – WOW !!!

I got asked the other day, why I haven’t blogged more about my iPad since I got it almost a month ago. Well, the dead honest truth, is that I haven’t been wowed by any apps. There have been a few ( a whole separate blog post) and  News24 & Mix Mobile apps, def did catch my eye, and every morning I read the news on the News24 app.

Well, that was until this morning. Enter Flipboard (iTunes Link). A free app for your iPad from the iTunes app store. Flipboard will revolutionise the way we will use the iPad. It puts the news you WANT to read and is relevent to you, in an awesome looking magazine format.

Here is a video on how the app works:

You simply “swipe” through to the next page, pinch & zoom into an article, and read your news. But for me, the big seller in Flipboard is the fact that it integrates with your social networks. So, it links into Twitter & Facebook and shows you content that has been retweeted or shared by your friends. So for example if someone shares a link on Twitter from any website, it will present it on your Flipboard.

Here is an example. Here is a page from my Flipboard which shows images & stories shared by friends on Facebook.

You can also add specific catgories, like tech & photos etc, which will show you the best of the web. I also love the way page turns and the “animation” it uses.

This is by far one of the best mobile or desktop applications I have used in a long long time. If you have an iPad I highly recommend you download Flipboard, and if you don’t have an iPad, I suggest you download the app, and go and buy one :)

One reply on “Flipboard – WOW !!!”

Flipboard looks impressive, even to me – and I really don’t subscribe to the whole Apple Fanboy thing.
However, the bloke in the video reinforces everything that is bad about the typical Mac user.
Despite the fantastic app, I am now so angry, so aggravated by his pseudo-cool, soft-silky-smooth-voiced, holier-than thou attitude that I am going to go and punch a kitten.

And it’s all Steve Jobs’ fault.

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