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Awesome SA – USA YouTube collaboration video

You may have heard of Cobus Potgieter. In fact, if you haven’t,  stop reading now, and click on this link, and watch some of his amazing YouTube videos ->

You check. He is insane on the drums. His one video, a cover of Face by Red Jump Suit Apparatus has over 2.5 MILLION views. And guess what, he is a boytjie from Bloemfontein. Yip. From the good old SA.

But his latest video is, for me, awesome. Cobus teamed up with another YouTube rockstar, Tyler Ward, who lives in the US, and did a collaboration over 2 continents !!! They did a cover of Flo Riders Club Can’t Handle Me. Cobus played the drums, and Tyler did the vocals and gituars. Cobus then mixed the video tgether, and produced this insane video

Very cool !!  Just goes to show that this internet thing they talk of, is huge. A music video collaborated over 2 continents !!