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Cell C – The Joke is on YOU

I hate using my blog as a platform to rant, and run down South African companies, but for the 2nd time in a month, Cell C have just got my goat. First they go with a “fantastic” concept of Photocode, who have had  a WHOPPING 15,000 downloads since they launched almost a month ago. wooot !

But today, they really pissed me off. CellC have a press conference which announces a new look logo, and tagline, and then surprise surprise, they announce Trevor Noah as their new “Consumer Experience Officer (CEO) geddit. CEO. Laugh OUT fuckin Loud.

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This comes off the back off a FULL page newspaper adviertisment in the Sunday Times (about R200k) this last Sunday (Memeburn Story), that started out “Dear Trevor Noah”. They go on to aplogise about their CRAP quality network, after Trever knocked them during a stand up gig.

The stand up gig was “filmed” and the video was uploaded to Youtube. But get this. The video was uploaded 4 days before the advert ran, on the 28th July, by a user (SABobbyT)who had also joined YouTube on the 28th, and has a total of 1 video in their collection.

Tonight Trevor Noah has his own TV show starting on Mnet. I can only guess that the show will be sponsored by CellC.

I can’t understand how a Cell Phone operator can associate themselves with a stand up comedian. Yes, he is good, but really, he does the freakin on hold voice for Kulula’s call centre!! I think the joke is on CellC this time. “I know, I’m gonna let Trevor Noah know how shit Cell C really is” Hey Trev, if you read this, please like it on Facebook. Kthanx.

Dunno why, but am slightly pissed with being made a fool of. Anyways, this is my rant for the day/week/year. :)

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Love the MTN banner ad on this page, right under the story. Ironic…

if this is a scam then Cell C is NOT gowing to improve the network, is NOT improving their service, is NOT providing new products and so forth… lets keep our ears close to the ground folkes. thruth is going to come out and lets visit Cell C stores

Cell C new © brand has gone VIRAL, it is everywhere!
Would love to know what illiterate at the trademark office allowed CellC to trademark the copyright symbol ©. That is like allowing someone to trademark the @ sign. I for one will not be sending them a cheque when I use the © symbol.

I know exactly who posted the video on You Tube, and will be letting you know very soo.

Trevor, you really are a comedian!
Your latest marketing ploy entitled CONGRATULATIONS CELL C is the biggest load of bull twaddle that I have ever reead.

Let’s deals with each item one by one:
Impeccable Speed – The fastest speed is 3,5 mps not the 21,6 mbs as advertised.
Outstanding call centre: The staff have not a clue how to resolve my problem.
Exceptional Stores: If you like to waste an hour or two waiting before being frustrated – again and again.
Commendable coverage: Full marks on this point.
Hand-on CEO: I have NEVER been able to contact you personally. Most managers are ALWAYS attending meetings.
Extraordinary customer: I am still waiting for a refund since 2nd February 2011! Today is the 25th February.
Spoken to Ismail Abdula, Peter (Manager – Head Office), Gino (Consultant), etc., etc., who all make promises that they have NO intention of keeping.

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