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Let’s see if the iPad can become my laptop

So I’m finally in Jozi for the long awaited and much anticipated Tech4Africa.

I am sitting at the Vida in Sandton after being blown away by the Gautrain. That was amazing !!!! Airport to Sandton in like 15 mins. I honestly felt like i was in London :)

So, I have decided that for the 2 days of Tech4Africa conference I am gong to only use the iPad. I left the macbook at home, and all note taking, blog posting and tweeting will be done between a combination the iPhone, iPad and MiFi. I think the biggest challenges will be the iPhone battery life as well as getting used to the iPad keyboard. I think it should be ok :)

I am thinking of using Evernote on the iPad to take notes, and TwitBirdPro for tweeting on the iPad. The ever faithful Tweetie on the iPhone will suffice there.

I will writing a couple of blog posts on the Tech4Africa blog, about the conference in general and 1 or 2 of the sessions. There is also a live Twitter stream on the site, which you can follow if you missing out. All in all, I am really looking forward to the next couple of days, and if you at the conf, please come say howdy :)

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Good start :)

What are you using to write the blog posts? I’ve been using a combination of the iPad WordPress app and the wp-admin dashboard. It’s a bit of a mission because my theme has featured images that I can upload (but not set) through the app, and set (but not upload) through the web interface.

Tip on Evernote: buy a premium account – you can then cache all your notes offline on the iPad (and iPhone) for reading/editing when not online.

See you there!

I think with the right applications etc. you’ll do real well without even needing your Macbook once :)
Have you heard of ScribleLive ( before? can’t remember which site it was, but they were live-blogging with it for the iPhone 4 launch/keynote and it seemed to work out pretty well :)

@Alan yip. I think the image thing could be an issue. The WP isn’t that user friendly, but will make do for now. I also used a combination of app & site to post

@Charlie cool thanks. Will check it out. :)

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