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Where to buy your US iTunes vouchers

One of the most popular posts on my site is how to sign up for a US iTunes Account. The post gets hundreds of hits daily, and has earned me a bit of a reputation. Often, when introducing myself, I get the “Oooooh, so you the guy who did *that* iTunes account post”. LOL. Quite funny actually ;)
The great thing about iTunes vouchers is that you can use them to buy Music & Movies as well. Not only iPhone or iPad apps. Cool hey ?

So, I did some research. Eventually I came across a site called Yip, local guys offering iTunes vouchers at almost the same price as the other guys. The other big thing that appealed to me with them, is that the delivery was instant. As soon as you made the payment , you got the code in your email. Straight away !! I put a tweet out yesterday asking who owned the site, and within a couple of hours, I got a phonecall from the guys who run the site. After a 45 min chat, I came away with, this is someone who loves what they do. And such a cool idea.

If those sites are out of stock you can also try WildTwig who accept PayPal, both which work 100%

Lets support the local guys. I know I’m going to :)

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Sounds very good. Will be using them in future I’m sure. Thanks for the great info (as always). If anyone wants to follow them on Twitter their username is @itunesusacoza

What exactly is the issue about using a credit card on the iTunes store directly? Don’t they accept SA credit cards? Even if I successfully use the same credit card on SEVERAL other international sites?

Mac, yes you can use a credit card in the iTunes store perfectly fine BUT you can’t register a USA iTunes a/c with a SA Credit Card (pretty sure). Not all categories and things are in the SA Store eg music, movies, iPhone games etc.

Just did a purchase and pay pal sent email confirming payment but nothing from, despite an email from me to them (and no their reply is not in my junk folder). I think it maybe better to use Maximus with an SA credit card, they respond very fast.

@Brett is your PayPal address the same as the address you are checking. very weird. Mine came through instantly when I bought yesterday. If you still having hassles, lemme know and I will try and see what I can do from my side ?

Hi Marc…..yes the email address is the same….have received a auto-ticket from on the issue I raised but resolution yet.

PS I enjoy your blog.

Thanks Brett :)

If you don’t get a response from the guys at iTunesUSA, lemme know. Will email them and let them know in the interim ;)

Issue resolved….got the email with code , my company spam filters may have stopped it first time.

@Mac It seems you can only use a US credit card with a US address. That’s why the “workaround” is with buying vouchers to top up your account.

If you sign up for the UK itunes store instead of US, you can get pound-based vouchers at just less than face value on – sometimes takes a few hours to come through, but it’s not that often you need credits THAT badly.

I’ve been using these guys for a bit now, and have never had any hassles. They actually make it TOO easy, if you ask me – I’ve spent WAY more than I should’ve on apps…

Sorry to break the euphoria here guys but these prices/markups are ludicrous. Forget Mediawob because they are really out of whack but even iTunesUSA’s prices are local but certainly not lekker. We talking markups of between 20% and 39%!!! Barring having access to US apps and the convenience factor it absolutely blows the competitiveness of song prices on iTunes. Ps. Maximus accepts SA credit cards and their service is great.

Hi Marc, thanks for a great blog. Wanted to meet you guys at the mtn iphone launch but ended up a vodacom. Just a note. I have made use of maximus cards on 2 occasions before and delivery was immediate. Now i purchased a $50 voucher from but have not received any code. I have e-mailed them and a auto response was received but no voucher code. Also check spam folder. If no response is received do you mind dropping a mail. i see mention of your site on there site. Thanks. Dan

Ok sorted. Big ups to Braam from for sorting out this problem a.s.a.p Thank you. Will use them again. Regards, Dan

I bought an iTunes voucher at iTunes Express. Maximus Cards didn’t accept my Credit Card because for some reason the Verified by Visa thinks that my card isn’t properly enrolled where it clearly is.’s cards were all out of stock.

In any case, iTunes Express was cheaper than iTunesUSA as well and they accept PayPal.

I got my code within 2 hours or so, but they say it can come through quicker if you are a return customer.

Hey Marc, thanks for all the info, time to pay it fwd some:-)
The info you quote for itunesusa has been “updated” (read price jacked since you punted them) and they are now more than 10% MORE expensive than itunes-express. Local might be lekker but Price is King!

Hello Marc.
First of all thank you for this great post.
I also had my mission to purchase some US iTunes goddies and I’ve found your old post from August ’09 and eventually found this one with the list of voucher sellers.
I’m not from SA, and the guys from are not using PayPal anymore (I don’t know if this temporary or not but this is the situation now). So I’ve checked other sellers, and the one that using PayPal, and without any registration or waiting 24 hours for new customers I’ve purchased mine from MediaWob. Even though they have only $25 value. I’ve clicked on ‘Buy’, the next page I was on PayPal page, payed and less than 12 hours I’ve had my redeem code.
I’m not with the MediaWob team or something, just wanted to share my experience.
Thank again.

when went out of stock and everyone started strangely switching off paypal i found this site

I was surprised at the same prices and same instant delivery. Customer service was waay better though. Some swedish guy who is U.S based. Very very happy with it so I stick to that site now.

is it possible that someone in the uk can buy itune voucher and send that voucher pin to someone in south africa to use it with a south african account

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