The iPhone4 – it’s #iYoba

So, FINALLY, I can let the cat out of the bag. After a week of having to keep what could most probably be the biggest secret of my life, I finally can let it all out.

So, last week Tuesday, I got a call from an agency handling the MTN iPhone 4 launch. The call was pretty brief, but in summary was, standby we will be sending you details. Got the details, and here I am. After a year of punting the iPhone on my blog, today it all culminated in me receiving a complimentary iPhone4 courtesy of MTN.

About 10 or so people were invited to the pre-launch of the iPhone4 and received a brand new iPhone4 along with 500MB of data and R100 credit (prepaid) every month for the next year. There is NO obligation to talk about gift, but I think I will be talking a LOT more about the iPhone4 on my blog.

My first impressions. WOW. After playing with one last week(for 5 minutes), I wasn’t expecting to much, but I can honestly say I am impressed. The retina screen is honestly what stands out the most for me. Next it has to be the speed. I can honestly see a HUGE difference between the 3Gs and the iPhone4. I have tried, and tried again to replicate the antennagate issue, but so far have had ZERO success. Facetime also rocks. Tested it out with @CapeTown_Girl who was sitting next to me, and worked 100%. If you wanna give it a try pop me an email :0

So, that was the “pre-launch”. In about an hours time, we will be leaving for the VIP party at a secret venue, which apparently holds a couple more “surprises”. So far. So good :)

The most asked question so far seems to be around pricing. Haven’t had any official confirmation as yet, but found the following on Twitter:(none of this can be 100% confirmed, as soon as I have more info, I will let you know)

MTN Pricing

Vodacom Pricing

Will be doing a full review in the next couple of days on my thoughts.

Today has definitely been #iYoba !! :)

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Glad to hear you finally have the most beautiful phone on the planet. The design is stunning and the retina display truly is something to behold – makes the screen on a MBP look like crap :-(

I can reproduce the “death grip” but it’s never affected me in actual use.

Can’t say that the speed difference has really been noticeable compared to the 3GS (at least, it’s never been WOW like the speed increase from 3G to 3GS, which was a massive & necessary improvement).

We need to FaceTime – will drop you my number some time. Unbelievably, I’ve never made a FaceTime call…

Congrats. I picked up my old 3GS after using the iPhone 4 for just 2 days and can’t believe how clunky it feels!

This is a big step up.

Vodacom pricing a lot better than MTN, but then they’re not giving phones away to lucky sods like you!

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