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iPhone 4 Prices in South Africa

  • On September 22, 2010
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Last night I was fortunate to attend both the launch parties for the iPhone4 in South Africa. First I went to the MTN Launch party at Gallagher estates in Midrand. The vibe there was awesome. They had huge projected screens all around the place, and at 9PM 4 huge platforms with iPhone 4 demo models dropped from the ceiling. They had a couple of really cool overseas dj’s playing, and around 200 people.

At around 11 I left to go to the Vodacom party which was being held at Vodaworld. They had DJ Fresh & Gareth Cliff on the “decks” and around 2000 people at the party. I didn’t get to experience the complete vibe of the crowd, as I was catching up with a couple of good people from the tweetosphere. The official launch of the iPhone 4 for Vodacom was at 12, which was when the opened the doors to some of the cell shops in Vodaworld, where people could buy their new iPhone 4’s. Let me tell you that there were hundreds of people in the shops, and more specifically in the iStore where I popped in quick to buy a cover for my new iPhone 4

The most asked question I got asked during the evening was about pricing for the iPhone 4. There has been a couple of price lists flying around the net, but there doesn’t seem to be a “cash” price for the new iPhone. It would seem that both MTN & Vodacom are only offering the iPhone 4 on contract only for the moment. I suppose this makes a bit more sense as it keeps customers for 2 years. I also believe that there is very limited stock at the moment, with more arriving in mid October.

I have come across 2 really good iPhone 4 deals at the moment. The first is from Vodacom who are offering an iPhone4 16GB  on a Talk 500 package for FREE. The package is R925 a month and includes 500 free minutes & 250MB of data.

UPDATE (23/9/10): From Aki Anastasiou: Vodacom have just announced a new deal. Also, Pieter Uys (Vodacom CEO), also confirmed that they have received new stock

Vodacom just announced 2 new options for iPhone 4. 16GB, 110 MB data R379 on top up 275s x 24 months. 32GB version R429 pm

The deal from MTN seems  a little sweeter. They are offering a 16GB iPhone 4 for FREE on an MTN AnyTime 200 topup , with R200 airtime, with a 150MB data bundle for only R379 a month or a 300MB internet bundle for R429. Sounds like a bargain.

Judging by the reaction of most of the people I spoke to last night, the iPhone 4 is going to be a HIT in SA, and I can’t wait to see everyone holding one in their hands soon :)


  1. BiancaW

    Gosh – that MTN price does look good.

  2. kmberi


  3. Price means nothing if you want it you will get it.
    How ever i’m upset with the way Vodacom is handling the roll out of the iphone 4.We pre ordered it plus I’ve been on 500 package since i got my first 3g in August 2008 why in the hell are there NO emails stating when and where we can buy or find the iphone . If Twitter didn’t exist we would have had no idea only a select few But that’s only my opinion

  4. Lyndon

    Well besides the surprise on the pricing front I really expected us to get screwed, they are completely sold out and the phones are on back order.

    How many phones did they bring in only a few thousand I am guessing,

  5. Calie

    Got my 16gb at the 4U store last night at Vodaworld for a cash price of R6230.00
    I think its very reasonable. They only had 1 32Gb and it sold for R7500.00

  6. Lyndon

    Considering the phones where going for R10000 and more on some sites before the release I have to agree thats about R4000 less. I hope I get mine soon, I don’t mind waiting a week or so but I hope its not mid october or later.

  7. Justin

    Wow 1 32GB phone at Vodaworld – how could that be worth a launch party? I also pre-registered and the first correspondence I received from them was an SMS today at around 11 saying stock is sold out. No launch party mail, no booked stock. Way to go. I went to the now-ology vodacom business presentation today somehow expecting there to be some there. Nothing. Today makes me miss the days when I used to swear. Pile of crap.

  8. Leon

    Got my iphone 4 yesterday on a business package for 310 per-month with no data plan, wanted to know what is the cost of the average email with no image as i email mostly and dont sms due to the cost?

  9. Lyndon

    Hi Leon

    You will be charged per MB of data or Part there of.
    Is if 1MB of Data is R2.50 ( and I am guessing here)
    a text mail with no attachments of say 50 words will probably only weigh in at about 20kb if you use say 50MB in a month for mail and only mail its a fair amount unless you get hundreds a day and some have attachments etc.
    I use about 100 to 150MB per month and thats mail browsing app updates from time to time etc. im sure you will be safe

  10. Keketso

    I own one.. damn people envy me.. funny part is i got it in july.. down fall i cant jus take it where ever, cause everyone wanna see it or touch it they know i got it.. Do u know where the istore is i wanna get a cover..?

  11. mackson

    i think iphone has done it again!! the phone is a monster and has got everything in it, it has to worth something like R7,900. thats a brilliant phone.i wonder how the next one is going to look like.

  12. keepit reAl

    how isit possible that ina country like the uk u get contracts of R290 pm and get data of 250mb pm, 500 mins talk time. compair it to our packages. and the cash price in the uk for the 16g one is R5800. we pay more cos we not a 1st world country,? yet 3rd world countries pay less, this happens with alot of products besides phones…

  13. Worm Trainer

    Keep keeping it real keepit reAl!!! We do get ripped off …. For reAl.

  14. Bruce

    When is more stock going to arrive?!

  15. Bruce Bruce


    Where is the catch.

  16. Trisan

    Any1 interested in the i-phone 16gig or 32 gig send me a mail with your contact details and i will call you back. [email protected]

  17. David

    its $199 for an iphone 4 16GB in the US. Time to start importing ppl!!!!!!!!!!

  18. ibneyakoob

    I thing we should rather be importing it from the U.S!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. Richard Wooding

    I have been waiting for two weeks for my iPhone 4 to be couriered from Rewards Co.

  20. Pieter

    All US phones are AT&T locked, no matter what they say, believe me.
    Also, the $199 is the cash pay in price on a AT&T contract.
    I researched this option – by the time you have an unlocked iphone in your hands in SA you’ll have paid about R7000 – R8000 including the shipping and heaps of import duty and VAT.

  21. Bruce

    Bruce – Can someone help me on how to connect via bluetooth using iPhone 4,

  22. Bandile

    I want to buy a Iphone 4, 16G cash do you have an Idea of how much will it cost me????

  23. Mzakes

    MTN is AYOBA

  24. is the price the same as US?

  25. muhammad muzammil

    hey! i want to buy iphone 16 gb in the range of 8000 to10000.

  26. muhammad muzammil

    hey! i wants to buy iphone 4 16 gb in the range of 8000 to 10000.

  27. kAREN

    Im looking to buy an iphone 4…. where is the cheapest place to get one??

  28. kAREN

    Oops, I forgot to ask how much as well? THX

  29. Doomee

    waiting for iphone 5

  30. Hiho… this blog is cool. I am pretty sure I`m coming back to look for new posts!!!

  31. jOE

    hi guys…i m interested in buyng an iphone(probably second hand) but am worried about the bttry life…since it’s not rplaceable isn’t that a big thing to wrry abt?? any1 with info please advise

  32. Aletta

    Koketso u can find an istore at Sandton lovie.

  33. Steede Erwin

    I want to buy a iPhone 4S for about R5000 is it possible?if yes please tell. Me where!Need to have that phone,