3 MUST have apps for the iPhone 4

Well, it’s been almost a week with the new baby, and things are going swimmingly. I have a full review planned for later in the week, with all the pros & cons(yip, there are 1 or 2) about the iPhone 4.

But, I just wanted to do a quick post about 3 free apps you HAVE to download for your new iPhone4. These 3 apps will show off 3 of the cool new features that have been included in the new version of the phone.

First off, you may not know this, but the iPhone 4 now has a built in Gyroscope. Although this isn’t used extensivley yet in many apps, mark my words, that soon it will be huge. Already there is an app called “You Gotta See this ($1.99)“, which takes a pano styled photo using the gyroscrope. But, if you want to see how the gyroscrope works, download the app simply called, Gyroscrope. The app gives you a visual idea of it rolls around. Very cool to see.

Also new to the iPhone 4 is the built in LED flash used for the camera. There are a couple of apps on the app store which allow you to use the LED as a flashlight. The best one (and free) that I have come across is called LED light for iPhone 4. The app is pretty simple with an on-off switch and a strobe function. Simple and effect, and does the job when you need a light.

To me, the best thing about the iPhone4 has to be the retina screen display. I have never seen a device that has such clarity in the screen. It is amazing. Really. To demonstrate how cool this screen is, I have been recommending an app called “Epic Citadel (Free)“. You may recall seeing it at a keynote with Steve Jobs earlier this year. The app isn’t a game, but more a demo of the Unreal gaming engine used across many platforms. This app really shows how awesome the screen is. Running the same app on the 3Gs & the 4, there is no comparison. trust me. Just try it. The app is a rather hefty download at 82.2 MB, but it is well well worth it when showing off the new baby. Be sure to look up at the sky in the app

Are there any other must-have apps which you could recommend for the new iPhone 4 ? Leave a comment below ;)

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