MTN & Vodacom iPhone carrier settings

Last week, before the iPhone officially launched in SA, MTN & Vodacom released their carrier updates for the iPhone. A carrier update is the file that is used to populate all the network settings on the iPhone, and is pushed out either via iTunes or over the air to your handset.I dug a bit deeper into the actual files that are used to populate these settings to see what they entailed.

Because this was the first time MTN has offered the iPhone, it was basically a new carrier file. Vodacom didn’t change too much from their previous files.most notably in the MTN file was the exclusion to not allow you to edit carrier settings. They also excluded Visual Voicemail, as they do not offer this service yet.

There also seems to be some issues with MTN MMS on the iPhone, according to a couple of queries I have received. The only thing I can think of would that the APN is not active for your specific contract, as it may be specific to the iPhone. Best bet would be to call MTN ?

Below are 2 screen shots of the settings in each file. You will need to click to enlarge the image, as they are pretty big.

MTN Carrier Settings ( Click to enlarge)
Vodacom Carrier Settings (Click to enlarge)

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Hey Andre,
Not off hand. As far as I can see it may become a bit more tricky to add these as the service providers are not allowing changes to be made to the network settings.
If anything comes across, I’ll post it up.


Hi Marc,

Out of interest, since this “update” my iPhone looses the settings for the carrier or cellular network. Drives me insane. Taking it in where I will be told what?????



I have been unable to send or receive mms ever since I upgraded to ios 5.
any ideas?
MTN is struggling to assist

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