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Get your Pre-Paid Vodacom Microsim from Flickswitch

With the launch of the iPhone 4 & the floods of iPads coming into South Africa, there has been a huge demand for both Vodacom & MTN microsims.
I came across this very cool service the other day from the guys at Flickswitch. Basically they offer you a Pre-Paid microsim from Vodacom, which you can manage and recharge using their service called SIMcontrol, which allows you to monitor and recharge 3G data SIMs, and is ideal for iPad use.

In short, it manages your 3G data top-ups making sure your SIM is always active and recharged. The simple online portal gives you full access to the SIM balance, recharge rules and details usage reporting. You simply specify a minimum recharge level (i.e. 80Mb) plus a recharge bundle of your choice (i.e. 600Mb). The SIMs are monitored daily and are automatically recharged from your pre-funded purse it when it reaches the minimum recharge level. It also avoids expensive out-of-bundle data rates that contract SIMs use, and removes the hassle associated with normal prepaid recharging. The service is also ideal to manage multiple company 3G SIMs

The best features of the service are:

  • No contract commitment (You can simply cancel monitoring or recharges as needed)
  • Accurate usage stats (A way to check data balance online)
  • Easy cost control (One bill with accurate reporting)
  • Auto top-ups (Choose any standard data bundle to recharge with. You can change this at any time)
  • Takes the hassle out of managing prepaid SIMs

The SIMcontrol Service costs R10 once off and there is a R6 monthly fee for them to manage your SIM. You can also buy the MicroSIM for R50 as well as the standard 3G sims for R1. Once you have the SIM, you can top it up with the standard Vodacom Data Bundle packages.

If you would like to read more about the Flickswitch services & what they offer, you can download the full brochure & info package.