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MTN 280 meter scalectrix track WTF!!!

Check out these 2 INSANE videos that got secretly sent to me this morning.

The videos are to promo the new HIGH speed MTN data network. The ad will only be airing on Sunday evening, so you saw it here first ;) shhhh

The video is a high speed Scaletrix car chase over 280m built in some guys lounge, with cars chasing through the “interwebs”. Seriously cool. Kinda reminds me of  my childhood days, to see who could make the longest Scaletrix track through the house.

Check them out below. First one is the video that will be airing from Sunday, and the second is the sneaky sneaky behind the scenes video :)

We used 280 meters of scalectrix track to demonstrate MTN’s new upgraded network. When MTN upgraded for the 2010 World Cup, they upgraded for all of us here in Mzansi. Ayoba!