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Monitor your Vodacom balances on your iPhone

I came across a really really cool (Free) iPhone app the other day called Consume (iTunes Link). The app allows you to view your balances from cellphone & broadband providers around the world, but only Vodacom has been added so far in SA. The other cool thing is you can add other web service such as Dropbox, Evernote, Gmail & Google Docs.

The app is really simple to setup, and once you have downloaded it you need to enter your Vodacom/Vodacom4Me login details, which the app then uses to check your balances for both PostPaid & Prepaid.

This is a screenshot from the Vodacom Prepaid option that shows how many minutes you have left, as well as how many promotional minutes I have, as well as when the next rollover is. Currently it doesn’t show your data bundle usage, but I have sent them a mail (begging) them for this.

I don’t have a prepaid sim, but I assume the screen shows you your current balance, as well as expiry ?

All in all a very handy app to have to keep track of your spend etc, and it’s free :) Oh, and there is an iPad app in development as we speak…

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Toooooooootally awesome. Now need that data bundle option added so we have an even quicker way of checking our data on our iPads :D Thanx for the tip on the app man :)

Dude you left out the QR Code :'(

I had to use my typing skills to get it :P

Nice find man!

Awesome! Thanks for the info. I’ve been looking for something like this for a while.

Hi guys,

Tried the app out on my iPhone Talk120 and on a data contract – both work.

Tried with 2 different Weekenders and they not working :( Can someone please try with a Weekender and let us know if it works?

I’m assuming they’re pulling the info from Vodacom4me and not Vodacom – will have to contact gem to change that…

The app keeps telling me to check my internet connection but it does. Anyone one know what the problem could be?

I’ve used the correct vodacom4me details.

Great app! Hope they switch to Vodacom before they shut down Vodacom4me!

Oh, and data & sms usage would be awesome!!

Great App but funny enough, it does show me my data usage but it does not show me my minutes. I am on a weekend 120 package. i cant seem to get it to display any prepaid info, all i get is a slice of cake….

i can seem to get it to work on my iphone 4, what user name and password do u enter? it is your vodacom4me password?

Great app… Potentially. It does not work at the moment as the site no longer works.

@Gary, I actually tried it last night. I had to change my login number to 2782xxxxxxx

Try that and see if it works ?

Hi Marc

Does consume still work for you? Last two weeks i cant get in and they arent responding either? Please let me know if you have any luck?


Crap! Why pay for an app when the money hungry Vodacom should be giving it to us FOR FREE!! ANd the developer charge $2.99 to add insult to injury!!!

Vodacom should be providing a similar app FOR free, to check free minutes, contract expiry dates, renewal dates, SMS balances etc. etc.

They are way to money grabbing hungry to even consider suggestions about this!! Typical South African company!!


You can go to the android market for the “My Bill” App but it is only available on the android devices and not apple


the site has changed to Vodacom…if you go to the top right and click it will prompt you for you login details. they just moved the site to consolidate.


Downloaded Consume earlier today and cannot seem to fetch the data from Vodacom (Unable to fetch usage).

Change my number to 2782…….
Checked that I can log in on, therefore username and password are correct

However I did notice that when I clicked on Providers Website it wants to redirect to Vodacom4me…

Any ideas or suggestions, Thanks

Hi Mike

There is a problem with there app and think they are busy with an update. So hopefully soon it will be fixed. Could be because it redirects to mobi.vodacom, not normal vodacom website. Just make sure u send usage data with ur problem to them


Looks like they started charging for this

This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad.

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