Movie Review: The Social Network

On Monday eve, I got invited to a sneak preview of “The Social Network“, thanks to the kind folks at 2ocenasVibe & Ster Kinekor distribution.

As with most things in Durban, there was a rather dismal turnout, which is ironic given the movies background. The Social network follows the story of Facebook Founder Mark Zuckerburg and his rise to fame in building the empire that is Facebook today. The film mainly focuses on how the idea came to him after a breakup with a girlfriend, and follows the trials & tribulations with friends & enemies, while building the network.

Here is a trailer of the movie:

I have to admit, I really enjoyed the story having been part of Facebook since the “early days”. The lead actor Jesse Eisenberg, who plays Zukerburg really plays the part to a T, as we can only imagine Zukerburg really acting like that at times.

But, there is a huge underlying motive & story behind the movie. In anything you do, you need to know who you taking on board. Friends can soon become enemies, and sometimes, you don’t always really know the people behind the pretty face, a point which really hit home for me this week :(

The movie opens locally on the 5th of November, and I highly suggest taking yourself and a mate to see it.

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I’m very hurt I wasn’t mentioned in this blog sparky!!! I was at the launch too!! What a winner movie! Recommend it to everyone with facebook and people that are looking for the next best thing!! (u will know what that means once you’ve seen the movie) but defiantly go see this one!! It’s worth it..

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