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I came across a very very cool new WordPress theme from the guys at Templatic the other day. The theme is called Geo Places, and allows you setup a fully fledged  city/town directory using WordPress.

The Geo Places theme is full, full of functionality, and allows you to also charge people to list on the site. Users can classify their category, So for example, you could list all the restaurants or hotels in a town or city. The Theme also fully integrates with Google Maps, which makes finding places so much easier.Visitors can also rate specific places. The latest version also allows you to add and display events. To get a full demo, check out the theme page on Templatic.

Some of the other features of the theme also include:

  • Out of the box – Auto Install (with dummy data to get you started)
  • Strategic design of the homepage
  • Home Page Banner Slider
  • Category Listing View
  • Place Details Page
  • Add listing page
  • Add Events
  • Event Detail Page
  • Featured Events and Listings
  • Design Settings
  • Payment Options
  • Manage Category Icons
  • Manage Coupons
  • Manage Price

Quite a list hey !!! I have been using Templatic themes for a couple of projects now, and I can highly recommend them. The theme costs $89 which is really worth it given the functionality that is included in it.You can also buy the multi-license version for $159

If you have any questions about the theme, leave a comment below, and I will see if I can answer them for you :)

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