MyBroadband Forum iPhone App

The guys from the MyBroadband/MyADSL site, launched their new My Broadband iPhone app (iTunes link – FREE)  towards the end of last week. I have to admit that I am not the biggest fan of forums, as they seem to suck up too much time, but this could well be handy, as I do have an account on MyBB, and often comment on some of the iPhone topics.

The app is essentially a platform to the very popular Forum board they run, and offers full forum functionality. You can subscribe to threads, as well ask keep up to date of the latest topics.

The app is actually built on the very popular forum interface iPhone app, Tapatalk. The MyBB app looks like it is just a rebranded version, but judging from the comments on the forum, is a whole lot faster.

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Dude, the QR codes work so well. Dont ever stop – the rest of the world will get it one day…

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