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The other day I did a quick review on the Consume iPhone app, which monitors your call balance and free minutes usage. The one major thing missing from the app was the fact that it didn’t show how much data you had used for the month. We all know what a mission that can be in SA, given the “higher” cost of data here.

Enter the Dataman iPhone app (iTunes Link $0.99). The guys from Dataman contacted me, and sent me a review copy of the app to check out. Basically, the app runs in the background on your iPhone, and monitors your 3G & Edge usage, as well as your WiFi usage. You can pull stats & reports on what you have used so far for the day, week & month. The app also allows you to set thresholds and will alert you once you hit a certain percentage.

The other great thing about this app, is that also allows you to geotag & monitor where you used your data, and shows you a visual map of your usage. In the latest version, you can turn this option off so that it doesn’t drain your battery. The difference between the Dataman & Consume app is that you don’t need to log into anything specific for Dataman. It just works quietly in the background.There is also an iPad version coming in November, which I KNOW will be a hit !

From iTunes:

DataMan monitors and manages your data usage in real time, keeping a log of your activities. To control your data consumption and stop additional charges to your bill, you can set your preferred usage thresholds and receive real time alerts when you exceed them. What’s more, it geotags your data activities. So you can browse your daily activities on a map. You can even zoom in on the map to see the time and usage amount for certain places.

This app is a MUST MUST have, and at only $0.99 I would suggest you get it sooner than later, as I can only see this app getting better & better !!

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This app seems to have been removed from the app store?

Found a not so pretty alternative called iDataUsage

It has the same functionality.

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