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Elvis Blue Wins SA Idols Season 6

WOOOT !!! I called it…Elvis Blue, the very talented musician from George in the Western Cape, tonight won the latest Idols installment on MNet.

Elvis Blue’s whose real name is Jan Hoogendyk, is actually quite an accomplished Afrikaans Gospel singer, and has 2 albums called Diep Riviere & Ontskemer out, the latter which was nominated for a SAMA award earlier this year.

Elvis started the season by singing a rendition of Bob Dylans make you feel my love, went on to win the competition agains Durban boy Lloyd Cele. The competition between the 2 singers was very very tight in the last couple of weeks, and I think they will both go on to very sucessful careers.

Here is a video of Elvis Blue’s new Single “Things My Father Says”

Well done Elvis !!! (Told you so :))

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