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Video editing apps for the iPhone 4

Since I got my iPhone 4, I have been using it quite a bit for its HD video recording. The quality is fantastic, and is perfect for spontaneous videos with the kids.

But, the videos are pretty bland without a little bit of editing, so I came across 2 very cool apps that allows you to edit your videos on the device, and then export them in various qualities.

Many people suggested iMovie but after reading some of the reviews, I noticed many people were not happy with the app. Then I came across ReelDirector ($3.99). Amongst other things the app allows you to:

? Splice, trim, split video clips
? Pan & Zoom photos and videos
? Add your own music from your iPod music library
? Add title and subtitle to each clip with fade in/out, adjustable fonts, length and styles
? 28 transitions can be set at start and/or end of clips

The app is really simple to use, and the big bonus is that it is compatible with the iPad as well, which means you can also edit your videos on the iPad.

But, video’s don’t always look that cool when you “stitch” them together with a couple of transitions. So, enter  Cinema FXV ($2.99). This app allows you to add on some really cool effects to our videos. The app has over 55 different types of effects, as well as allowing to change brightness & contrast etc. Here are some of the effects that are included in the app:

?Essential (included)

Everything you need to fix you video: Black and White, Sepia, Light Sepia, Negative, Vignette, Widescreen, Brightness/Contrast, Vibrance/Saturation, Exposure

?Cinematic (included)

20 effects including Spartan Sepia, Egyptian Gold, Cinematic Color, Chill, TWI·Poster, Flashback, Heat Vision, Night Vision, Red, Flashback Glow, Elf Glow, Charmed Glow, Dark Comic, Color Comic, Surveillance Cam, Victorian, Dark Night, Vampire World, WWII, Kyoto

?Toycam (included)

12 effects including Spice, Instant, Instant TZ, Redscale200, RedscaleXPro, Silver Xpro, Nostalgia, Dawn, Indian Summer, Cappuccino, HelgaV, Pink

?Vintage (included)

12 effects including 8mm, 8mm Vanilla, 8mm Magenta, 70s, Pop, 70s Dusty, 1920, Techcolor, Dust & Scratch, Film Grain, Quick Blur, Smooth Blur

Here is a quick video of a day out with the kids on Saturday showing the combination of the 2 apps.

Have you tried these 2 apps or are there others I am missing ?

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