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Win a seat at the Spud Premiere

You might remember the post I did a while back where I showed you the trailer for the upcoming Spud Movie ? The movie based on the top selling SA book. Right ?

So, the movie opens here in SA in the next couple of weeks, and the clever people from MTN Loyalty 1-4-1 have a couple of seats open for clever people, like you and me, who would like to attend. Free.

The premieres of this highly anticipated flick are as follows:

  • Johannesburg Saturday 13 November 2010 @ 17:30 Nu Metro Montecasino
  • Cape Town Wednesday 17 November 2010 @ 18:30 Nu Metro V&A Waterfront
  • Durban Friday 19 November 2010 @ 18:30 Nu Metro Suncoast Casino

There could perhaps be a “surprise guest” at the Jozi event. Think big. Like a really funny British Comedian who stars in the film :)

To get your seat at any one of the above premieres, you can do one of the following:

Write a blog post about the premiere, and why you think you and 3 (THREE) of your best mates should go. Also try and include a little story about your best high school memory if you want a little bit of an extra “nudge”. Once you got your post up, pop Sheena an email with the link, and your name will go into the draw

If you not a blogger-star (get with the programme!!) then you can also enter via Facebook or Twitter. If you need to find out anymore info about the comp, check out the post on the MTN blog

I think this movie is going to be a hit in SA, and I know I can’t wait to see it.

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Did you know, Tanit Phoenix has a small role in Spud, yet she is the only actor in this film that has 4 movies coming out this year: ‘Spud’, ‘Lost Boys’ with Warner Bros. ‘What would Trejo do’, and the ‘Leon Schuster’ film at the beginning of this year where she played a cameo role…

And, she has 1 film due for release in January 2011 ‘Death Race’ and she stars as lead actress opposite Danny Trejo(Machete), Sean Bean(Lord of the Rings), and Ving rhames with Universal studios.

Tanit won’t be at any of the South African premiers as she is currently in Los Angeles filming another movie right now as the leading actress, and its called ‘Femme Fatales’.

Tanit Phoenix is also rumoured to be the new Wonder Woman, and she is being considered to play Catwoman in the new Batman.. Amazing.. (The only real working actor, hahahaha.. I love it.)

I love that she took a small role in Spud, shows she loves her work so much she wanted to apart of this film no matter what.

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