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We got featured on Mashable & Techcrunch !!

Remember a while ago, I told you about a WordPress focused site, called Themergency,  that my mate Brad & I had setup ? The site focuses on all things WordPress, and over time has grown into a nice little wordpress resource. Admittedly we haven’t put too much time into it, but Brad has been developing a couple of cool plugins in the background.

One of the plugins he has developed is called Twitter Blackbird Pie, which allows you to embed formatted tweets into your WordPress site, by simply pasting the URL into your post.Like this…

[blackbirdpie id=”620419103064066″]

[blackbirdpie id=”649278896734208″]

[blackbirdpie id=”651996285632512″]

On Friday, the guys from took the plugin & modified it a bit, and then added it to all sites. The story also got featured on Mashable & Techcrunch, 2 of THE LARGEST tech blogs on the internet, where they linked back to our original plugin.

To say we are stoked is an understatement !!!

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