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XBox Kinect & XBox Live launch in South Africa

I have never been much of a gamer. Mostly because I have never found something I have really enjoyed. I bought a Wii a while back, but never really got into it.

But after seeing the Xbox Kinect in action at Tech-Ed a few weeks ago, I have to admit, I am very very keen to get one. The whole concept is brilliant, and especially for the kids, it is appealing, as there are no controllers which could accidentally get flung through the TV Screen.

Last night Microsoft launched the XBox Kinect & XBox live  in South Africa. Kinect is an addition to your existing XBox, which is essentially an RGB camera which picks up your body movements. Similar to the Wii, but without the controllers. XBox live is a service which allows you to interact with friends over the internet, as well as play games against them.

With the launch of Kinect there are a couple of great specials on at the moment.

Kalahari has a XBox360 4GB with kinect for R3,599.
Makro has the same deal for R3,699
Musica & Take2 also have a couple of cool specials – XBox 360 250GB & Kinect & Kinect Adventures game for R4,299
They also have a great special on without the Kinect :

  • Xbox 360 250G
  • Forza  3
  • Alan Wake Live Token
  • Live Chat Pad
  • Extra Wireless controller
  • Wireless headset
  • 3 Month Live Membership
  • 800 Points Live Card

For only R3,499. You can also buy the Kinect separately from Kalahari for R1,899

So far the following games are available for the Kinect on Kalahari: ( They all go for around R333)

If you do pick up a new XBox, I suggest you also follow @Xbox360 and my mate @GlennZA on twitter.

Are there any other specials I have missed ? I know I’m very very keen to make my way over to Musica shortly :)

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