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How to setup Find My iPhone on iOS 4.2

As you may know Apple released the latest version of their iPhone and iPad software earlier today. This is a huge update in many regards, and especially for the iPad, which now allows multitasking. This has probably been the biggest bugbear of the iPad since it’s launch, and I honestly think it changes the whole device overnight.

One of the coolest features of the new iPhone & iPad 4.21 software updates is a feature called Find My iPhone. This functionality has actually been around for a while, if you had an Apple Mobile Me account. But from today, Apple has made this feature free, and I know it will make a couple of people smile, including me.

What Find My iPhone allows you to do, is pinpoint the exact location of your iPhone/iPad. So that means, if it gets stolen, you now to can log onto a website, and see on a map, exactly where it is. The feature also allows you to send a message to the device, as well as send an “alarm” for up to 2 minutes, for those (too often) times when the iPhone mysteriously creeps between the couch cushions. You also have an option to lock the phone, as well as erase everything off the phone, and make it redundant, should someone steal the phone.

There is a downfall to this though, and that is that it is only available to iPhone, 3rd Gen iPod Touch & iPad users. I have a little “hack’ below to get round that though if you own a 3Gs :)

To get Find My iPhone activated you can follow these steps:

  1. Ensure you have updated the firmware on your iPhone/iPad to the latest version, 4.2. To do this, you need to click the update button in iTunes once your phone/iPad is plugged into your computer.
  2. Once your phone restarts, go to:
    • Settings -> Mail, Contacts, Calendars -> Add Account…
    • Choose the Mobile Me option
    • Sign in using your standard iTunes username and password. This is the account you use to sign in to buy apps etc. You do NOT have to set up a new account, you can use your existing account. (One of my readers pointed out you need to have a email address iTunes account for this to work, if you have a standard username, you may need to sign up for a new account)
    • Once this is done, your account will be verified
    • Turn Find My iPhone ON
  3. This will activate the Find My iPhone portion of your “Mobile Me” account
  4. If your iPhone/iPad gets stolen, or you would like to locate it, you can do one of the following
    • Go to and log into your account using your iTunes account details that you signed up with in the step above
    • If you have access to another iPhone/iPad download the Find my iPhone App (iTunes Link – FREE) . Here you can login with your account details and perform the functions as above
  5. If you have an iPhone 3Gs/iPhone 3G and would like to use this service, fear not. Even though the feature is meant for iPhone4 & iPad users, if you want to use it on an older model phone you can do the following
    • Find someone who has an iPhone 4/iPad
    • Sign up for the feature using the steps above and make sure your account is activated
    • This will “activate” your account
    • On your iPhone 3GS/iPhone 3G, you can now setup a mobile me account as above. You can delete the account you setup on the iPhone4/iPad

If you have any hassles with the above leave a comment below, and we will try to give you a hand. Enjoy this amazing free service :)

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Aww crap! NOTE: it requires a user Id that is an email address, which mine is not, do I’ll need to add a new account anyway…

Hey Marc,

Was tracking this also, the new update is cool :) I’m also tracking the rumors around the ipad 2.0, speculation around April 2011..

Chat later

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