Majek’s Goldilocks – Mobi series shot on iPhone4

One of the best kept secrets of the iPhone4, is the fact that it has a FULL HD video camera build into the camera app. I have used it a couple of times, and even did a post about some of the cool video editing apps for the iPhone recently.

You may have seen the video called Apple of my Eye, which was one of the first ever short movies to shot & edited on the iPhone4. The movie shows off some of the great features of the iPhone 4, as well as the ability to place the phone in some obsure and previously hidden places, like on a model railway train.

The guys that produced this awesome short file are a production house called Majek pictures. They have also recently released a new Mobi series, called Goldilocks. The whole series has been shot on an iPhone4 as well, as well as edited mostly on the iPhone4. Only the heavy post-processing has been done on a mac. Here is the first episode of the series.

The guys from Majek also recently released a free iPhone app (iTunes Link), which allows you to view the Goldilocks series, as it is released in FULL HD, as well as behind the scenes videos & pictures. So far the series is on episode 3, and I have to admit, I am really enjoying it. If you don’t have an iPhone, fear not, you can still watch the series on the Goldilocks Vimeo channel.

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