Bloodrunner review

The first post & review from local Phone fan Simon Boulle takes a look at the awesome locally developed iPhone game by the guys from Funonyourcell down in Cape Town

Of all the iPhone games I have ever played, I have played very few sidescrolling games, the genre of game that Bloodrunner belongs to, and found it to be quite fun.

Bloodrunner gives you the control of a little vampire, a funny looking character who looks like a bat crossed with a shark, who needs to drink blood to stay alive. By tilting your iPhone (or iPod touch) left or right, tapping to jump and tapping again to double jump you move the Bloodrunner around various levels made up of castles and dungeons (there are 50 in the game) to collect drops of blood and make your way to his coffin to survive another day. The catch is that the blood slowly drains away, so you need to make it to the coffin before running out of blood.

If this sounds quite gruesome, and not at all child-friendly, fear not. The graphics (with support for the iPhone 4’s retina display) are very charming (as seen below) and have a very cartoonish style.

The Bloodrunner

The in-game music is incredible, and almost worth the price of the game alone. If you prefer, you can listen to your own music while playing the game.

There are 50 levels in the game, and they can be played separately. For example, I got stuck on level 5 and was able to move onto level 6 and if I wanted to, even level 10. The difficulty increases nicely over the first 20 or so levels. The first few levels introduce you to the basic concepts and the various obstacles that the game puts in your way (holy water, wooden stakes etc.).

The controls are easy to use, though it did take me a few goes until I became comfortable with them. Although the “guide” says the Bloodrunner is a human and not a bat, I did find the jumping to be more like flying, as it is possible to jump numerous times in the air, and reach higher platforms in a level. Each level is quite straightforward, however some obstacles can be a little tricky and cause you to die a couple of times before you pass the level. I would have preferred a three life concept, where after dying once you come back to the place you died, instead of starting the level. After you have died three times, then you would be sent back to the beginning of the level. It is a minor preference of mine though, and doesn’t detract from the game that much.

Game over

There is a high score for each level, and you can replay each level to try and improve that score. OpenFeint integration is included for social connectivity and seeing how your high scores rank amongst all the other players of Bloodrunner. As usual, it is purely optional.

Overall, I really enjoyed Bloodrunner. The graphics and music are great, and at a price of $0.99, it’s a no-brainer purchase. Bloodrunner is available on the US iTunes Store.

My thanks to FunOnYourCell for providing me with the opportunity to play the game, and to Marc for giving me the opportunity to review it.