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DSTV Mobile with the Drifta & iPhone

Today sees the launch of the DSTV Mobile platform to the public. The platform allows you to watch DSTV while on the go, by either using a DVB-H enabled cellphone or a DSTV Drifta Device. Subscription is R39 a month, but is free until the end of March 2011. They currently offer 9 channels including:

  • Africa Magic
  • Channel O
  • Trace TV
  • The eNews Channel
  • SuperSport Blitz
  • SuperSport 1
  • SuperSport 2
  • SuperSport 3
  • Cartoon Network

DSTV Mobile have launched the product by supporting the Nokia 5330, ZTE F900 & the Nokia N96. By using the Drifta device you can also watch selected DSTV channels on your iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch by downloading the DSTV Decoder app (iTunes Link) or your Windows computer. The Drifta device costs R599 and you can get it at your Mulitchoice office or buy online from

I popped past Multichoice during lunch today to pick up a Drifta and see how it works. The lady behind the counter had a quite giggle, cause I was the first person to ask about it. I got back to the office and tried it out. Much to my disappointment, it didn’t pick up any channels and gave me an “Orange Signal light” which means it can’t pick up any channels. I have also double checked the coverage map, and it says I definitely have coverage in the area that I am in.

I will give it another try later by going outdoors as well as trying at home a bit later. The lady at Multichoice also confirmed that they offer a 7 day money back guarantee.

I will do a another post soon about my “Drifta journey”, and hopefully get it up and running soon :)

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A guy here had one and I checked it out at lunch time, was way smaller than I thought it would be. The screen on his windows PC couldn’t be made bigger than about the size of a DVD box, I know it would pixelate if made bigger but expected it to be a bit bigger than that. I didn’t try connecting it to my iPhone as he was a bit busy. Look forward to hearing your findings going forward.

@Joshua It connects to your iPhone/iPad using Wireless. If you want to use it on your windows computer you can use either a USB cable or WiFi

I was checking out this drifter thing on my iPhone4 the other day..its works perfectly, DSTV channels are pretty clear (wish they had more than 7 though)…hopefully in Martch when we start subscribing they will have more channels.

I’m not as clued up on wireless. So does this imply that one requires internet access to make use of the “Drifta”decoder or does the decoder not require a network? Are there any other hidden costs besides the purchase price and R36p.m. which will be applicable after 31 Mar 2011.

You don’t need to have an active internet connection to allow it to work. All you pay for is the R599 once off, and then from Apr the R39pm. No other costs as far as I know

Hooked mine up this evening… Relatively simple, and seem to have good coverage at home. Was a little disappointed in the minimal channels (guess I didn’t read the fine print), but still, for free* for the first few months, and R39 thereafter, may still be worth it simply to watch the odd sports match or news (or cartoon network for that matter).

Keen to see whether I have coverage at work tomorrow…

I’ve had mine up and running for a bit now. I live in Kenilworth, Cape Town, and the coverage here is perfect. But it is really designed for taking our and about with me, and I really got it to watch the English Premierre League matches when I’m away from home. as such it has served me very well indeed, on both the iPad and the iPhone.

I agree with Letlatsa that more channels would be nice, but the current selection really isn’t bad at all! And I think for the price, you could do a lot worse (as a subscriber to DSTV’s premium bouquet, though, I can look forward to even longer free Drifta usage). Wouldn’t even mind paying an extra R50 per month if they made things like Series, MNet and kykNET available too.

Can i use dstv drifta on my blackberry 9700??? pls advise asap as i wanna watch da soccer dis sunday!

Live in Midrand, coverage looks good from the map except a few spots which are totally blank – these include my work place and my home – LOL, considering my major push to get the drifta was the cricket world cup. argg

Wish they would catch a wake up and send some signal East London way………..really dragging their heels.

hi do u need a sim card to load or it comes with a card etc help im buying one now scondhand

My iphone does not connect with the drifta, drifta works on laptop and ipad but not iphone, Please do somebody have advise

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