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A gift from the new Nandos CEO

You may have seen the new Nandos ad that is being currently flighted on TV. If you haven’t take a look..

Love the way they poke fun at the CellC guys, and the little copyright logo at the end is brilliant. For interest sakes, the chaps at CellC loved this ad & humour so much, they sent the Nando’s exec a gift containing their superfast 60GB internet package. Cool hey. If you think about it, every single time this ad is played and spoken about, CellC WILL be mentioned…So they getting absolutely FREE brand exposure :) Clever not to shout about it.

This morning I received a little package from the Nandos crew, and had a dial a number to hear a message from the new Chicken Excellence Officer (CEO). Also got a nifty little Chilli USB drive.

Thanks Nandos. Actually, just made myself lis for a Makulu boss meal for supper tonight :)

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