South African Culture

The Edison Project by Karma from Henry Ate

A Thursday evening.1998. 2nd year out of school. A dodgy pub somewhere in Hatfield Pretoria. Tassies on the table. Suddenly a voice starts singing. Just. It’s Karma. And it just goes downhill from there.

There were loads of these back in the day. Henry Ate had a “cult like” following back in the day. We used to go to all her gigs in and around Pretoria, and seemingly never got tired of her voice.
Henry Ate have been pretty quiet over the last couple of years, after a stint in Los Angeles trying to break the lucrative US market.
But from what it sounds like Karma hit a luck after meeting a chap called Kevin in a bar called the Edison in downtown LA, and soon “The Edison Project was born”

Kevin and Karma met in a bar – the Edison in downtown Los Angeles. Karma told Kevin she had a dream – he liked what she had to say. Kevin called his buddy Jeff and told him about Karma’s dream. Jeff liked what Kevin had to say. They all met at Kevin’s house to jam. Adam showed up one evening at band practice, drum kit in tow (it’s not exactly clear how Adam got word of the dream but the band seems happy that he did). Two weeks later EDISON PROJECT (sometimes Get Jeff Laid, sometimes Myles The Dog, sometimes Midas Day) were in the studio recording their debut album with Francis Buckley. The End. – From their Facebook Page

Take a listen to Guess Again on their FB page. This morning it their debut Album was released on the iTunes Music Store. After listening to a couple of the songs already, I have to admit I’m pretty impressed, and brings back loads of memories with that distinctive Karma voice. Nice one :)