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Win an iRiver E-Book Reader with Dion Wired

The guys from Dion Wired have asked me to tell you about an exciting giveaway they running at the moment. The prize is an awesome iRiver e-Book reader story worth R2,000 AND a R300 Voucher to load up some of your favorite books !

The iRiver e-Book reader story is sleek, lightweight, attractive, and with a speaker and keyboard built- in. The built-in 2GB hard drive is pretty generous if you’re just going to read books: it’s able to fit around 1,500 ebooks. That should be enough for, what, a lifetime? If not this e-book has an SD card slot hidden at the device’s base…… unlimited storage capacity!!!

Using either the headphone socket or built-in mono speaker on the Story’s rear, you can also listen to songs stored as MP3, WMA and OGG.

All you need to do to win is simply follow DionWired on Facebook and / or Twitter. This competition will run till the 24TH of December and the draw will happen on the 3rd of January 2011.

Facebook ->

Twitter ->

Simple hey. Just do it ! :)

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Cool thanks for the info, I’ll certainly give it a go, would make a fantastic pressie for Mom

Ilove reading am addicted. i need this, i read at least one book a day. this would be the best perfect gift in the world for me.

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