2011 iPhone 4 Alarm Clock Bug

Happy New year !!!

Although we only have already had around 9 hours of the new year here in South Africa, it seems that Apple have a bit of a bug in their Alarm clock app on the iPhone 4.

The bug seems to be that if you have an alarm set for today or tommorrow (2nd), the alarm does not go off. This seems to be affecting iPhone4 and iOS 4.1 & 4.2 users.

There is a work around however, and that is to set the alarm on repeat. So if you set it to repeat for a couple of days, it should fix the problem. You can use that, or just stick to the old alarm clock :)

More info on Engadget, 9to5Mac & iLounge

4 replies on “2011 iPhone 4 Alarm Clock Bug”

Ever since daylight savings took a crap on my iphone i have not been able to set an alarm properly, always something that is messed up thus the alarm wont go off.

Gonna have to find something else for making a *beep* at a given time, since apple obviously aint fit for the task lol.

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