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NAVV GPS South Africa iPhone App Review

You may remember just over a year ago, I did a post on the NDrive iPhone GPS app. The app was one of the first, and possibly one of the better iPhone GPS apps I have reviewed here. I found the app to have up to date maps, and loads of POI’s. But, it seems that, for some reason, NDrive South Africa, has been pulled from the app store, and  a new app, which uses the NDrive “framework” called NAVVGPS South Africa (iTunes Link) has been released. The app is available on both the SA & US app store for a ridiculously low price (for a full blown GPS app) of only $24.99. CHEAP !

The NAVV South Africa app, is almost identical to the NDrive app (bar a colour change), and the layout and functionality stays the same. The key feature here is the larger buttons which makes things easier when driving. The maps are up to date and the point of interests have also been updated to include the newest POI’s as well as up to date speed cameras.The app info display while driving is pretty informative, and you can choose what displays you would like to show while driving. The app also has 3D buildings included in the app, which is handy when driving through large cities and you looking for a

The app offers a whole host of languages, including Zulu & Afrikaans for South African users. The settings in the app are pretty simple, and offer a variety of options to customize the app to your liking.

Here are some of the features of the app:

? Turn-by-turn navigation for driving
? Voice instructions for accuracy
? Speeding alerts for safety
? 3D landmarks for making maps more realistic
? And more features!

? Compass
? Geo coordinates
? Multiple waypoints
? And more features!

? Cafes, gas stations, etc. – built-in
? Favorites with categories – customizable
? Google for more POIs – embedded
? And more – available!

? You can NAVV in English, Zulu, Afrikaans, German, Dutch, Arabic – in total, in 22 languages
? NAVV maps are provided by NAVTEQ (September 2010)
? NAVV South Africa includes maps of South Africa

The only thing I would change on this app, would be the fact that the keyboard provided in the app is not the standard iPhone keyboard. This can be sometimes confusing , and rather frustrating given how used one becomes to the standard keyboard. But, given the low price of the app ($24.99) this can easily be forgotten. All round, a fantastic app, and if you looking for an entry level GPS app, then this is a no brainer.

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When these navigational apps were first launched there were some alarming reports – on your site I think – of iPhones burning out when using them. I seem to remember that there was an over heating problem. Do you have any info on that? Was it all nonsense? Or have the problems been resolved?

I use an iPhone 3G.


In my opinion, TomTom albeit more expensive is more friendly.
I have used both for a while and always preferred the way Tomtom works.

A big plus a well (come with an in app purchase) is live traffic, if you live in any urban area you will love this one.

@Michael any app that bypass standby mode, such as skype, camera alert or nav apps, will generate heat, depends on your brightness setting, it can get quite hot. Even more, many people are using Nav app in conjuction with a charging cradle of some kind, and the charging process will generate heat as well.

The iPhone has got sensors, and among the 2 less advertised are 3 liquid sensor, and several heat sensors. It is unlikely for them all to fail and let the device overheat

Hi. Does Navv work on a iPod Touch 4th gen as well? Im not sure how its going to give me turn by turn directions when the ipod does not even have built in compass or gprs capabilities. Do advice me before i purchase the app. Thank you

@Kristi I’ll be tempted (and stand to be corrected) NO.
The latest version of iPod touch still does not come with GPS chip BUT there are workarounds.

TomTom Carkit & Magellan Carkit, both offering a GPS chip in the cradle

Hi. Thanks for this very attractive presentation of GPS apps. I’ve just tried to get it from iTunes store but get an error message: Not available for south african store :(
Do you have any idea why so?

I am now downloading from SA store – but at $37.99
So it’s definately available on SA store now, and hopefully still worth the few extra dollars…

Thanks for a great review, as always.

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