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My 1st Mudman Triathlon – Hermannsburg

My 1st Mudman Triathlon – Hermannsburg
  • On February 6, 2011
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If you had told me 6 months ago that I would be taking part in my first triathlon in 6 months time, I probably would have laughed at you, taken a bite of my pizza and washed it down with an ice cold Hansa :)

Needless to say, life has some magic & interesting ways of working things out, and yesterday afternoon saw me taking part in my first ever triathlon. For me, this is a HUGE step personally. Since starting out with my #Project2011 about a month ago, I have made a complete turnaround on my lifestyle (More detail in later posts)
I have gone on a fantastic eating programme, taken up Kettlebells (post about this soon), Mountain biking on the Cannondale at least once a week, swimming and generally trying to restore order in my life. So far, I can honestly say this is the best I have felt in years, but there is still a LOT of work ahead, and I just need to maintain focus.

So back to the triathlon. The series is called the Mudman, which is a local series of 4 fun events in and around KZN, and the first one took place yesterday in a really beautiful part of the country called Hermannsburg, about 20km outside of Greytown. The town is better known for it’s German school, which is where the event took place. I opted into the half race, which consists of a 375m swim in a dam, 10km mountain bike through the pine forests, and a 2.5km run around the dam.

Pano of the finish

The race took place in the afternoon, and the swim was up first. I had been doing a few lengths at the Kings Park pool in the week, so had a bit of swimming training in, but swimming in a dam is a whole different story. No place to stand, and dam water tastes kak ! But it went pretty good, and I was out the water in around 20 mins. The run up to the transition area, where you get your bike, was around 250m, and I was buggered by the time I got up to the bike. But I took a bit of time out, and got kitted up, and got on the bike. I have been doing a few rides on the bike, and I think it definitely helped. I did walk a bit as well, but I was pretty happy with the ride. The first part was quite a climb, but at the top, I got a cup of Coke at the one watering station, and that gave me the energy boost I needed. After 1:05 hours I finally got off the bike, and prepared for the run.(Runkeeper activity of the ride)

For those that know me, my frame is not built for running(yet), and I always knew this was going to be the tough one. I hadn’t done much running training, so I told myself I would take it easy. And that I did. I will admit that I walked most of the route, but did a few short jogs. After 35 mins (Runkeeper activity), I finally crossed over the finish line. There was this awesome feeling of joy & achievement for me. It felt amazing ;)

Done & Dusted. Awesome !!

An amazing sunset, after an amazing day...

My total time was 1:58, and I was really happy with the time. Considering that I would have never thought I would be doing this, I am beyond ecstatic, and am looking forward to the next one which takes place on the 6th March at Albert Falls dam. The guys that I did it with have all made a “pact” that we will try and do all the events, and at the last one, we will do the full distance, which is double all the distances. I know that with a lot of training, this should be do-able, and am really looking forward to it :)

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  1. Sean

    Well done Marc, you did really well. Nice post.

  2. BiancaW

    Bud – if you had told us this was going on you KNOW we would have come up to support you.

    Lets make a plan for Albert falls – it will be a stunning day outdoors.

    WELL DONE Marcy boy, we really are SO proud of you.

  3. Cool! Well done Marc – and thanks for sharing. Nice to see some cool pics. Sounds like you’ve been doing well so keep at it.

    My brother and sister also did the Mudman this weekend and it sounds like they really enjoyed it too. If you’re interested you can check out my bro’s blog post here –

  4. Hey Jon,
    Thanks for the comment. Much appreciated
    Just read your bro’s post. Hilarious ! Sounds like his event was way more eventful than mine ;)
    Looking forward to the next one..

  5. Haha – cool. Well I think when it comes to endurance events, less eventful is better :-)

    Good luck with all the training dude!