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Red Bull Mobile launches in South Africa

It seems that CellC are at it again. They really seem to have captured a unique portion of the South African mobile market, and it seems the “social media generation” are loving it. Just a couple of days ago they announced MyTools, which allows you to manage your cellphone contract & network from the web, and this evening they took it to the next level.

Tonight, Red Bull Mobile was launched in Jozi, at what seemed like an awesome event. The headline act for the evening was Faithless, alongside Goldfish & DJ Ready D. I would have loved to be there !! They also announced their new packages which they will be offering on the CellC network. Originally Red Bull Mobile was speculated to be a MNO in the same fashion as Virgin Mobile, but in fact it looks as if it is simply a diversification of the Cell C brand into a new market.

The packages they have announced look awesome, and they will be offering Android powered devices on launch. I’m still not 100% convinced about the Android devices though, as I still feel that the full use of them can’t be warranted in South Africa, where you aren’t able to buy apps, only get free apps (another post for another day)

The 2 packages that they will be offering are very well priced in terms of competitors, and I can  see a huge uptake with this one !

The 2 custom branded phones they are offering are both made by Huawei and are the Huawei U8150 IDEOS (RMB C) & Huawei U8800 IDEOS X5 (RBM HD). The phones will also come preloaded with a couple of Android apps, including a Fitness app, Red Bull Radio & Red Bull X-Fighters

The other cool thing is that the new packages will work on the new high-speed CellC network, which will make for some great on-device browsing !
All in all, another great innovation from Cell C, and I can’t wait to see what they have next on their plate ! Well done :)

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I think the device looks good, and the fact that it’s preloaded with some exclusive apps is also good.

As far as pricing goes, 500mb knocks the socks off all of the competition at R250 doesn’t it?

I’ll have to wait and see what our mojo representatives have to report back from the event tho…

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