Getting fit with Kettlebells

If you follow me on Twitter & Facebook, you may have seen my raving (and sometimes not being able to walk) about doing Kettlebells with the guys from FluxMotion here in Durbs.

As part of my #Project2011, the ideal goal is to shed the KG”s and start leading a much healthier lifestyle. The riding is really going well, and I have to admit I have really improved since starting out just over a month ago. The hill climbs I used to struggle with are becoming so much easier. I have also started doing a few lengths in the pool at lunchtime, which is a great work out and way to relax during the day.

But, the biggest change I have made is that I took up Kettlebells. What are Kettlebells ? See the pic on the right -> Think, a cannonball with a handle, and you on the right track :)
The weights come in different sizes and after staring out on a 4kg, I’m up to an 8kg now. They go up to about 79kg’s. The main technique of Kettlebells is a swinging  motion with different styles to choose from. Using this basic premise, you have different muscle group work outs.

You might be thinking, 4kg’s, a swing, pah…what workout ? But let me tell you, this is probably, by far, one of THE best workouts I have ever had. After doing them for about 3 weeks, I am already seeing huge results in weight loss & muscle density as well as strength.

Flux is based in Durbs & Ballito, but they are expanding all over the country. From what I hear Cape Town is on the cards soon, and there are partners in Jozi who offer classes. They are also opening a Corporate wellness division, where they will be going into companies, and do ad-hoc training and advise to your staff. Also opening later this month is a Flux Wellness gym in Umhlanga.
We are really lucky here in Durbs, because some of the classes take place on the beach early in the morning, and a quick swim in the sea after, and you still in time for work ! Bonus :)

Check out the Flux Motion website –, for more details, or visit the Facebook Fan page for updates and photos of some of the classes. You can also follow Flux on Twitter for daily updates of classes, and schedules etc.

All I can say is, if you haven’t tried it yet, I highly recommend it. I can see this helping LOADS with my #Project2011 ;)

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