The Graeme Watkins Project Corridors of the Mind album launch

The other day on my way to work, I heard a catchy tune on the wireless called Music Affair by a local band called the Graeme Watkins project. The sound has a bit of a britpop/killers vibe to it. Check out the video below.

I found out from the guys that they will be launching their new album called, Corridors of the Mind, this Wednesday (9th) at Tanz Cafe in Fourways. The event is open to the public & tickets are R80 at the door or R150 and you get the new CD. They also generously offered 4 sets of double tickets to the launch, so if you are keen, leave a message below (by wed midday) and I will get your details to the guys. If you attendding on the night they will also be giving away a CARPARELLI SLIMM BLACK FLAME guitar, signed by The Graeme Watkins Project. Nice !

I think I’m gonna keep an eye on these guys, pretty sure they gonna be hitting it big soon :)

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