Trading some Stocks with Global Trader

A few weeks back I got a mail from the guys at Global Trader asking me if I wanted to be part of their blogger challenge where they give local bloggers the opportunity to learn more about the stock market, and how to trade in it. I was pretty excited, as I have always been interested in the stock market from a young age, but never actually traded in it.

So after getting all the required paperwork in order, I got a call yesterday from my dedicated trader, Georgina, who will be holding my virtual trading hand  through the whole process for the next 2 or so months.We placed my first trade this morning, sold some Euro’s and putting in a stop loss (saying the price will go higher), and since then, I haven’t taken my eye off the screen. I never imagined a currency would keep me so enthralled :)

The guys at Global Trader also have a really cool feature on their site called The Wire, which is essentially a twitter like platform, where you can see trades that people make in real time. From there, you can see what the best trades, and even “slipstream” someone who is doing well, and follow them. It’s a clever idea, and I have already learnt quite a bit just watching peoples trades.

If you keen on learning more about trading, you should take their free evaluation on the site, aptly called “What’s stopping you ?“. They will ask you a series of questions, and work out the best possible profile for you. Very interesting results as well ! From there you can setup a simulated account, and play around and test the waters.

So, in the next couple of weeks, you should be hearing more about my trades, and I’ll be posting loads of update on Twitter. Really looking forward to this one.


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10 replies on “Trading some Stocks with Global Trader”

Keen to hear how this works out for you.

Been thinking of taking on the market myself sometime. Just never taken the time to learn what’s what…

Good Luck!

Hi guys, if you are interested in trading but a little nervous why dont you download a simulated platform from the Global Trader website. That way you can play around risk free. You could even simulate some of the trades that Marc puts on. (We’re trading spreads so download the Future Trader platform).
If you find yourself coming up with any problems or questions, post them in one of the Forums on the Wire and we’ll be happy to solve and answer those for you!

LOL. Thanks Chris. Will def be adding more as I go along, and all the new stuff I learn.

I agree with Georgie though, register for a simulated account, and see what its all about. I played around a bit before I started, and picked up on a few things

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