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Woolworths climbs on the QR code bandwagon

As you may know I have always been a huge fan of QR codes and the potential they offer. Slowly but surely South African companies are climbing on the QR code bandwagon, and using it to promote their brands.

But I was very pleasantly surprised on Saturday to see Woolworths have also started using QR codes to promote their latest sale, by displaying a huge QR Code poster on the store window.

The code resolves back to a .mobi site, which gives you more info about the sale. You can also watch a video of the TV ad promoting the sale. They did suggest Beetagg reader on the poster as well as the direct URL ( That said, the mobi site doesn’t have too much information about the actual sale. From the poster one would have thought you would have seen what is exactly on sale. Another thing they could have done, although not a biggie, is to have a specific url per store to see how many sucessfull each stores campaign was.

All in all though, well done to Woolworths, and I’m looking forward to see what they come up with next in the QR code arena !



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