Quick Global Trader catch-up

It’s been just over 2 weeks since I kicked things off with stock trading with the guys from Global Trader. I suppose, in theory, it was possibly the 2 worst weeks to start trading in the stock market, thanks to a rather large earthquake in Japan, and some dodgy political decisions in Libya and North Africa in general.

But, that said, I have learnt a heck of a lot in these 2 weeks. The most important…that the Euro is a very very voliatile currency, and all it takes is some dude in Spain to say some arb speech, and the Euro gets stronger, and I lose out :(

My trader, Georgie, has been awesome. From the DM’s on twitter & phone calls to let me know whats happening on that day,  to answering every question I have, I honestly have learnt so much. The only real problem with Georgie though….is that she supports the Lions :/ But thats OK actually, at least it’s not the Sharks !!

So after 2 weeks I am down about 3K from my original R10,000 that we started with. My biggest loss was thanks to the Euro sky rocketing after we sold Euros in our first trade. We currently have another Euro trade open again, which is looking okish, so will keep an eye on it during the course of the day.

I have also been using the awesome tool on Global Trader called “The Wire” which is a twitter like feed of all the trades taking place. If you sit and watch this, you get a good idea of what are some of the good trades taking place, and what some of the bad ones are. It’s really handy, and I been following that and placing trades on my simulated trading account (which is free to sign up for), and seeing how those work out. So far, actually been pretty good :)

If you keen to get into playing aruond on the stock market, sign up for a free evaluation with their campaign called, Whats Stopping You ? , and then get a simulated account. It really is interesing to see how fickle & volatile the world is that we live in :)

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