A quick #Project2011 update

So if you been following this blog since the beginning of the year, you will know I started a personal project, #Project2011, where my goal was to start living a much healthier lifestyle, and lose some lots of KG’s

Well, so far, so good…I think :) After getting the Cannondale, I did a couple of Rides @ Holla in Ballito, as well as doing my first Mudman triathlon. I have to admit, that I really enjoyed the Mudman, but due to various things, I was unable to do the next 2. The next one is on the 17th of April, and I am really keen to get to that one. I haven’t been riding as much as I should have. There isn’t too many excuses for that, except I had one really bad ride about a month ago, where my blood sugar dropped, and I felt horrible. But I have positioned the bike in my garage in such a way, that every time I see it, I feel guilty, so will be getting back on soon :)

But that said, I have been doing some (lots) exercise, in the form of Kettlebells with Flux Motion. Actually, I think I might well have become addicted to Kettlebells. Last week, I ended up doing 4 sessions !! Sean from Flux has been a true inspiration, and along with an eating plan, and some general guidance, I am really enjoying my lifestyle change. I have progressed from a 4kg Kettlebell when I started in mid Jan and this morning, worked out with a 14kg. I am super stoked.

We recently moved the KB training down to the beach in Ballito, and started training on the promenade. This is one of the best moves ever. There is nothing better than at 6am, working out looking over the sea, and having a cool sea breeze blowing to cool you down. It has really opened my eyes, and makes your day so much more bearable. We are really so lucky to stay in this awesome part of the world. Amazing.

The results ? Well, so far I am down about 16kg’s since I weighed myself in Dec (and got totally pissed with myself). Although this isn’t a true reflection of the weight loss, as I have lost a LOT more fat, and turned that fat into muscle. My clothes that I haven’t been able to wear in years, suddenly fit me, and my body am actually feeling 1000% better. The key to all of this, is really just eating well, and pushing your mind & body 10% extra each time you eat/workout/play. You need to focus on what you are trying to achieve, and focus on the end goal.

Once I have reached my goal weight (hopefully in a few months time), I will post all the stats & pictures :) So far, so good :)

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