Check or change your SMS message centre number on the iPhone

I had a mate ask me about an issue the other day where he was battling to send SMS’s on his new iPhone. So after a bit of research, we found that the SMS message centre number had been changed. This sometimes happens when traveling and it seems to change it on the sim card. So when you put in a old sim card into the new phone, it is still trying to use the old settings, hence not being able to send SMS’s.

Unfortunately, on the iPhone there is no where to manually set this, so below is how to check and set your new SMS message centre number.

To check your message centre number

  • On your Phone app, go to keypad and type in *#5005*7672# and Call
  • Message number is displayed

If the SMS message centre number is incorrect, you can change it by doing the following

  • Vodacom
    • **5005*7672*+27829119# and Call or
    • **5005*7672*+27829129# and Call
  • MTN
    • Prepaid number -> **5005*7672*+27831000113#
    • PostPaid Number -> **5005*7672*+2783100002#
  • CellC
    • Awaiting confirmation of correct message centre number
  • 8ta
    • Awaiting confirmation of correct message centre number

And that’s it. Easy :) Once the change has been made it is instant, and you should be able to start sending SMS’s again. If you have the 8ta or CellC settings, please feel free to leave a comment

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Hi Marc

Thanks for the info above, I however get the following message:

Setting Succeeded
Service Center Address
No Address

Not certain whether it means anything, I am still not able to send text though, checked the service centre number on the iPhone as suggested above and it’s the same as the service centre number I got from MTN’s website.

Any idea what I’m doing wrong?



Cellc is +27829129 this is the number that comes up if you check using the keypad however if you call you will get the same as @ Dusty.I hope it helps.

MTN SMS Service Centre Numbers

Contract +27 83 100 0002
PayAsYouGo +27 83 100 0113

this is the correct MTN SMS , you where short one o

8ta sms settings. To check what you currently have dial: *#5005*7672#

To change to correct 8ta settings dial: **5005*7672*+2781191#

It works and nobody in the call centre could tell me this, so hope you come rite

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