Get Facebook birthdays on your iPhone

One of the “handy” things about Facebook, is the fact that it stores all your “friends” birthdays. I know I use it for that, and it’s a great way to rememebr birthdays and wish people. But, to do that you need to actually log on, see who’s birthday it is.

I found a neat little way to display all your Facebook contacts on your iPhone calendar, so you can get a quick heads up on your iPhone without having to log into FB every day. To get your friends birthdays on your phone, follow these steps.

  • Once you have logged into FB, click on Events -> Birthdays on the left hand side of your news feed
  • Scroll to the bottom of your birthday list , click on the option called “Export Birthdays
  • You will now see a URL that looks something like: “webcal://”
  • Right click this, and copy the URL to the clipboard.
  • Email this URL to yourself  and open the email on your iPhone (I used this method, but there may be other ways that you prefer)
  • On your iPhone go to Settings -> Mail, Contacts & Calendars -> Add account -> Other
  • Select “Add a subscribed calendar” and past the URL you sent to yourself & click next
  • Select your options. (I turned off the notifications)
  • Open your calendar app on your iPhone, allow it to sync with the new entries, and you will now see all your Facebook Friends Birthdays in your calendar


And that’s it. Simple. And the list is kept in sync as changes are made on Facebook.

6 replies on “Get Facebook birthdays on your iPhone”

How can i make changes in the calender?
I mean if i dont want to add birthdays of some of the friends… Any idea??

Thanks so much!! Now I can uninstall that “sync” thingy that is so stupid!! Only syncs to like contacts in my phone. Like 90% of my Facebook “friends” aren’t really my friends (and thus, not in my phone’s contacts). Needless to say that Sync app doesn’t work for folks like me with a lot of virtual friends and not many friends in the real world!

Your post was very helpful, though! ;^)

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