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Create awesome contact forms with Formsly

I been chatting to the guys over at Formsly, a Cape Town based startup, over the last couple of weeks about their fantastic contact form product.

Basically for $0.99 a month, you can create a professional looking contact form to your site. No coding experience or HTML knowledge is needs, and you use the formsly interface to setup your contact form. Once that is done, they give you some code, which you simply paste into your website. Really is simple !

Some of the features that formsly offers include:

  • Smart Email Forms
    Let users choose which department to send their email to, opt-in for a newsletter, and have your emails all securely backed up
  • Maps, Directions, & GPS
    Integrate Google Maps and street view, automatically generate a GPS waypoint, and provide printable or animated directions to your business premises.
  • Social Media Integration
    Interact with your customers by adding links to all your social media profiles, a QR vcard, as well as displaying your Twitter feed.
  • Analytics & HTML Widgets
    Track which pages of your website are triggering contact, and intergrate your HTML widgets such as Live Support.
  • No Coding. Seamless Integration
    Configure a great Contact Page to match the color scheme of you website without knowing any code at all.
  • List Multiple Locations
    If you have multiple stores, offices, or branches, you can list each individual location and provide directions to each premises

I used formsly to setup a contact form for our iPhone Repair site, FiXi. So far, the response has been incredible, with the amount of contacts we have recieved. Because the form is so easy to use, and I was able to chose what I wanted on the form, it makes it simple for the reader of the site to use. The cool thing about formsly is that you are able to customise the appearance of the form & elements as well. So if you need the form to be a specific colour, or font etc, you can do that.

If you looking for a contact form for your site or company, I highly recommend Formsly, and at only $0.99 a month it’s a bargain !!

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