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Powermonkey – The ultimate lifesaving gadget

I came across this awesome gadget the other day called the Powermonkey. At first glance you could, well, be mistaken for its use, given it’s rather “interesting” shape, but this is one gadget that is a MUST have.

The Powermonkey is essentially a battery recharge on the go. So, you out and about using your phone like a madman, tweeting, checking mail, connected to WiFi etc etc, and suddenly your phone beeps and says, ” Battery low” And you nowhere near a charger ! I know this has happened to me. Not once, but plenty times !

The Powermonkey comes with a whole bunch of connectors for almost any device you want. You can plug it into your phone, PSP, camera, iPad anything, and your device instantly starts charging. The Powermonkey comes with a 60% charge as you take it out of the box, so you can use it straight away. You can recharge it using a USB slot on your computer, or with the supplied adapter, that comes with a whole whack of travel adapters. Recharging to full 100% takes around 3 hours, and then that should give you about 96 hours charge on your phone or around 1600 pictures on a camera.

I been using one for the last couple of days, and I can honestly say, this this is a must have. Especially if you travel quite a bit, and always find yourself running out of battery power on your phone.The Powermonkey retails for around R500, and you can get it from in a variety of colours. You can also download the full fact  & spec sheet with more info.


3 replies on “Powermonkey – The ultimate lifesaving gadget”

I have a different product that claims to do the same thing, except that it cannot charge an iPhone (4 or 3GS) from flat to fully charged – falling short at around 70%

It also cannot charge the iPad much more than 20% (from a full charge on the device).

With this PowerMonkey, can it take a completely flat iPhone or iPad and charge it fully?

Bought mine a few years ago, but sadly I’ve only ever used it about once, and now it’s stashed at the back of a cupboard somewhere. I really should haul it out and stick it into my laptop backpack…

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