The next step in #Project2011

So you may have been following my Project2011 project, where my goal is to become leaner & fitter. So far it has been going really well, and although I haven’t been riding as much as I should have, I have been training Kettlebells quite hard, as well as following a proper eating plan. I also did another mudman triathlon event a few weeks ago, which turned out to be disastrous, thanks to all the mud. Horrible ! I do however plan to get back on the bike as soon as it starts getting a bit cooler in the mornings.

Admittedly over the last couple of weeks, I have lost a bit of personal focus on the eating side of things. The training has been good, but with easter and the holidays, seems to have messed things up a bit. Overall, I am probably down around 15-20 kg’s in body weight since I started in Jan, but have turned a quite a bit of fat into muscle thanks to the Kettlebells.

So I chatted to Sean from FluxMotion who has been mentoring me over the last few months with the whole fitness & eating plan, and he suggested we start with a new fresh project, and I’ll be the Guinea pig to test it out. So obvisouly I jumped on board strtaight away ;)

So, in came Travis Gale from AppleTree who’s Motto is “Live Life Now”. Travis is the catalyst in the project, and takes the role of “Mental coach” to ensure I stay on the right path. This is exactly what I need and over the next 12 weeks, I will be working together with Sean & Travis in achiveing my goals, while keeping fit, trim and mentally stable :) You can read Travis’ take on the project on his blog –

One of the key elements to the project is that I’ll be keeping a daily journal of my activities. This includes before photos (be warned), eating plans and training journals. It’s really just an online diary of whats happening, as well as a motivator for me to go back and read on. You can follow it at

I am really look forward to the next 12 weeks, as well as working with these 2 great guys, and can’t wait to see the results. Stay tuned, as I will be posting updates as I go along.

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