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iTunes app store “Invalid Address” Error

  • On May 10, 2011
  • http:/

If you use a US iTunes account, and have a “fake” address, you may be getting an error that says you have an “Invalid Address” when trying to purchase or update apps. It looks like Apple has implemented address validation on your iTunes account, and I have had quite a few people contact me today about this issue.

The reason this is happening, is because your address is not in fact a valid physical address. You will need to update your details either through iTunes (iTunes Link) or using the App store app on your iPhone/iPad.

Your address needs to be valid, so I would suggest finding one an address that actually does exist, like your favorite hotel or Fast Food Resturant :)

If you are getting an error using a Valid address, try changing “Street” or “Drive” to “St” or “Dr” or vice versa.

Make sure you your new address’s telephone number matches your new address as well.

Good luck :)

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  1. RichardAtUCT

    another way to get around it is to use
    It gives you an address and number.
    Sometimes it needs a try or two before Apple Accepts the details.

  2. Nope. This is the problem. Because the addresses on FNG aren’t real, they come back with an error now. Hence this blog post. Apple is now doing address validation to see if the address actually exists.

  3. Billabh

    Awesome, well saved man. I been trying for 2 hours to get a address from and they just did not work.

    Then you gave idea about getting address from Google Maps

    Thank you so much.

  4. Suzana

    Thank you!!!!!!

    I was using Fake Name Generator, but it keeps not working!

    Now I pick an hotel address and it works!!


  5. Uc

    I have. My real adress and it keeps telling me it’s wrong … Why is. That bc I’ve lived here for 17 years .. I have the right adress

  6. Tarek

    I am from brazil. Thank you it helps me a lot! Obrigado este post me ajudou muito

  7. yuri

    didn’t worked… :(

  8. paolo

    Had the same problem but finally resolved it. I was still able to update apps last night, but suddenly this morning I couldn’t. Apple has become strict with the address. It seems I’ve been using an inaccurate zip code all along. Make sure the street address and the city actually are in that zip code, and choose the state from the drop-down menu.

  9. Diwakar

    Thankxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx a ton… its back to normal again…………. cheers guys…

  10. Casemods

    Bill Gaytes
    1 infinite loop
    Cupertino ca

    Worked like a charm ;)

    Btw that is apple headquarters

  11. Suru

    Casemods i love you!! u saved my night xD
    i was crazy looking for solutions
    great idea using apple address hahaha

  12. Talhah

    @Casemods Hahah used the same address and it worked like a treat!

    Thanks Marc on finding the solution…. AGAIN!

  13. hehe

    haha i used citigroup adress insteaded

  14. adiel
  15. Thanks Marc. Just received it after I saw yout tweet :) Cheers mate.

  16. Jack

    Casemods you are a genius , thanks a million no thanks a zillion man you are a life saver
    Thank you thank you thank you dude ?

  17. medic

    I tried changing to my home of record and it says it doesn’t match credit card, changed back to credit card billing address and it says invalid address. It is a military address, I have had the same address for 8 years.

    Now what

  18. @medic, if you have a cc active on your account, your address must match that thats on your cc statement.

  19. Kuro

    Holy cow!
    Thx dude, workimg so smooth that address :)

  20. szab

    thanks man, you’re a lifesaver! :)

  21. Rachel

    Hellz man, thanks a lot! You’re my savior =D

  22. Luke

    The address has to match bank RECORDS. In my case I think the ZIP changed for my address. Now even if I change it to the correct ZIP on my bank acct. and itunes it still wont mutch up with PAST bank records. I dont know why I have to waste my time on this. I have been downloading apps and songs with itunes for a long time and never had issues till now.

  23. Mindy

    Changed my address from “Landing” to “Ldg” and it worked! Thanks so much.

  24. Elro

    Used a hotel address – worked!
    Many thanks Marc!

  25. Tome

    Solution form Casemods works for me.

    Thanks Casemods.

  26. Tome

    Solution from Casemods works for me.

    Bill Gaytes
    1 infinite loop
    Cupertino ca

    Thanks Casemods.

  27. Jacquie

    You also need to be aware when picking an address as most States have sales tax! There are only 5 States where this does not apply:
    New Hampshire

    Happy buying everyone :)

  28. thnks a lot u r the rock

  29. Zara

    Thank you so much Casemods!

    It worked like a charm :D

  30. Thanks a lot!
    It really helped!

  31. Strawberro

    didnt work -_-,, Helpppp

  32. Jacquie

    You need a find any VALID USA address via Google Maps. Find a coffee shop, Shopping centre, or hotel and use that address. Take note of my previous comment regarding Sales Tax as each State is different! Hope it works for you.

  33. Name (required)

    on my mac i have no problem downloading an app with itunes, but on my iphone i keep getting invallid address.

  34. Jacquie

    @Name. Perhaps logout of iTunes Store (Settings > Store) on your iPhone and then back in and type in the same address as you put on Mac if it asks you.

  35. Thank you Casemods ;)

  36. @Jacquie

    Does that mean you can use a pre-paid visa debit or greendot credit card with a fake address with one of the states above and avoid sales tax in the app store?

  37. DarkAxe

    Especial thank’s from Brazil

  38. Name (required)

    @ jacquit, i try logging out and sign back in but it didn’t work.
    i sync my iphone with my mac and it works again.

  39. sheri

    Thanks Marc!!! You’re like the ultimate Mac Daddy!

  40. Jacquie

    @casemods – unfortunately I have no clue!? if u using a US credit card then the CC billing address and iTunes address must match. Don’t know how pre-paid CC’s work. It’s worth a try :) Let us know if it works…

  41. peter

    thanks casemod your a genius

  42. EP

    @medic, I’m using APO, AP address and ccard. Had the same card and billing address for 3 years… nothing I do works. Tried calling Apple. They wanted $49 to tell me how to fix it!

  43. rianz

    i’ve been using a californian add for quite some time, i havent been taxed…how so?

  44. You are a star!

  45. Roman

    Thank you very much! It helped!

  46. Dungabunga

    Thanks Marc, McDonald’s worked for me…

    (718) 282-2289
    180 Parkside Avenue
    Brooklyn, NY 11226-1300

  47. Brett

    Does anyone know how to subscribe to a US Netflix account without a US credit card?

  48. @Brett

    Try greendot prepaid visa. It works online. Most visa gift cards do not, however.

    Do you live in the USA?

    I imagine you would need a friend in the USA to do it for you if not

  49. Keep on writing, great job!