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Qrafter the ultimate iPhone QR Code App

A while back I did a test of a couple of QR Code apps, and eventually came up with a list of the Top 5 iPhone QR Code apps. The tests were pretty comprehensive, so I thought my test was done. Until I came across Qrafter (iTunes Link). This app seems to blow all the others out the water with no issues !! Scans every single format I tested.

The app is developed by Kerem Erkan, from Turkey, and offers a whole whack of features. Here is some info from the app store:


  • Very fast QR Code scanning
  • Color inverted code scanning
  • QR Code regeneration for scanned codes
  • Embedded web browser with vCard support
  • Support for opening vCards directly from Safari
  • Embedded map browser
  • Embedded SMS sending
  • Embedded email sending
  • Embedded contact adding
  • Embedded event adding
  • Embedded Twitter integration
  • Support for sending history information by email
  • Full localization support


Qrafter can extract the following information from the codes it scans:

  • Web page and Bookmark URLs
  • Map URLs
  • iTunes URLs
  • Facebook URLs
  • Foursquare URLs
  • Foursquare venue URLs
  • Yelp URLs
  • Gowalla URLs
  • Data URLs
  • Raw geographical coordinates
  • vCard information
  • meCard information
  • vCalendar event information
  • Tweets
  • Phone numbers
  • Email addresses
  • YouTube video URLs
  • Wi-Fi network information
  • BlackBerry Messenger PINs
  • Android Market searches
  • Plain text2

You can also buy an advanced functionality pack for $1.99, which allows you to regenerate your QR code that you have snapped, as well as email yourself your history. You can also save vCards if you have snapped them using Qrafter.

After trying it out and doing all the tests, I had no issues at all, and everything just worked. Very impressive. I have also been chatting to the developer of the App quite a bit, and there are lots of surprises in store. He also has a web based QR Code generator, which is awesome.

If you looking for a QR Code generator for the iPhone, I highly recommend Qrafter.

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